Join or Renew your Team Evesham Cycling Membership for the 2023 season! This subscription will expire on April 1, 2024. If you joined Team Evesham in late 2022, we will reach out to you about renewal for the upcoming 2023 season. Upon joining or renewing a welcome package will be sent out starting in late March including information on the team, a 2023 membership velcro band for your bike, and incentives from our team sponsors that you can take advantage of as a benefit of membership.

Please renew prior to April 1, 2023 to keep your membership active. Make sure to keep track of team activities and rides and find useful information at our website (

*In joining or renewing your membership, you agree to abide by Team Evesham rules, requirements and guidelines for riders when participating in events and you, through your membership or renewal, are executing agreement with the Team Evesham Release and Waiver of Liability which can be reviewed at this Waiver link.

Thank you – Team Evesham