Foster 100 kits will be available prior to the 8/28 ride start.
Foster 100 kits will be available prior to the 8/28 ride start.

All typical rides will proceed as we work on website upgrades and communications. Rides will be posted here as well as weather impacts. Guests are allowed to join us one time and are required to sign the Ride Waiver to do so. Ride safety rules/guidelines are in effect on all rides including required helmets, safely operating bicycles, water bottles that fit cages, no headphones/earbuds, no phone use while riding.

Tuesday/Thursday Evening, 6pm:
Start at Lenape High School (tennis court lot) The Route is – Lenape Pemberton 28

Ride Leaders are-
A Ride (20-22mph) – T- Jason, Jeff- TH Lisa
B+ Ride (18-20mph) – T- Brian D, TH-
B Ride (16-18mph) Short – T- Steve P TH-

Wednesday Evening, 6pm:
Start point at- Rastelli’s Market on Route 73 The Route is- TE Wed Alt 21

Ride Leaders are- Leslie B

Friday morning, 8am:
Start at Rastelli’s Market on Route 73 – The Route is-Rastelli- Berlin Wawa 36b

Ride Leaders – Rich and Ross

Saturday – Hill Ride, 8am: Start at Hopewell Brick Farm Market– The Route is- WCX Ring Hpwl 47. This ride is a harder effort than a typical ride and riders need to be capable and prepared for such an effort level. Signup Here

Ride Leader- Brett W

Sunday morning, 8am: Various pace rides from Lumberton Wawa with routes are Lumberton Wawa to Roebling 46 , Lumberton Wawa to Roebling 38.

Ride Leaders listed below:

  • A+ Ride (22+mph) –
  • A Ride (20-22mph) –
  • B+ Ride (18-20) –
  • B Ride (16-18mph) Short –
  • B Ride (16-18mph) Long –
  • C+ Ride (14-16mph) Short –
  • C+ Ride (14-16mph) Long –
  • C Ride (12-14mph) Short –
  • C Ride (12-14mph) Short Alt Route – Dennis W

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