Ride Requirements: Rides will be posted here along with weather impacts. To ride you MUST be a member, but guests are allowed to join us on a one time trial before joining. To ride as a guest YOU MUST sign the online ride waiver before riding – use this link (Ride Waiver). By riding you acknowledge you have reviewed and understand the rider safety guidelines and requirements detailed here (rider guidance link) along with pace guidance. These requirements are in effect on all rides including safe riding practices, required helmets, safe bicycle operation, appropriate fitting water bottles, no audio devices, no phone use. Riders should pick a pace group that fits their capabilities.

Beware the heat: Don’t forget to hydrate!! Understand the risks of poor hydration and heat related illness symptoms. Some great information on the importance of hydration, and dangers of de-hydration, from British Cycling (web page link). Understand the signs of heat related illness – heat stroke is an emergency, make sure you manage your body and activity and learn to recognize the signs of trouble (CDC Article on Heat Related illness). Riding safely requires good hydration BEFORE the ride. Start hydrated. Stay hydrated. Stay safe!

Requirements & Prohibitions

*NOTE: We may not have all paces for all rides. If a ride leader is confirmed ahead of a ride they will be listed below. We try to accommodate at ride time but this always depends on available leaders.

Tuesday Evening – Road Ride – 6:00pm Pace Guidance (updated) Lenape High School

Wednesday Evening – Road Ride – 6:00pm – Rastelli Market Fresh

Thursday Evening – Road Ride – 6:00pm Pace Guidance (updated) Lenape High School

Friday Morning – Road Ride – 9:00am Pace Guidance (updated) Rastelli Market Fresh

Saturday Morning – Hill Ride – PNC Bank, Hopewell – NONE

  • Route – NONE
  • This is an intermediate Hill Ride. Riders need to be capable & prepared for such an effort.
  • Ride Leader – NONE
  • Sign Up Here

Sunday Morning – 8:00am Pace Guidance (updated) Rastelli Market Fresh

***We are in a heat wave. If you plan to ride you need to make sure you are well hydrated BEFORE arriving to ride. Bring multiple bottles and drink constantly. Know the signs of heat distress (see top of this web page) and alert someone if you have any concerns while riding! If you easily get de-hydrated, are not well hydrated in the days leading up to a ride, or have other heath conditions – consider not riding until this heat passes. This is a decision you need to make based on your condition – be smart!

  • A+ LONG
  • A LONG
  • B+ LONG
  • B LONG
  • C+ SHORT
  • C+ LONG

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