Rides will be posted here as well as weather impacts. Guests are allowed to join us one time, and are required to sign the Ride Waiver to do so. Ride safety requirements/guidelines/prohibitions in effect on all rides include required helmets, safe bicycle operation, appropriate fitting water bottles, no audio devices, no phone use – full ride guidance, including riding pace, can be found here which must be reviewed and understood before riding.

Requirements & Prohibitions

Friday Morning – 9:00am – Road Ride- C+/B Pace (pace guidance) CANCELLED – Rain forecast

  • Route – R-JFarms 33
  • Ride Leaders – Rich B & Ross P

Saturday Morning 3/25 – Hill Ride Meet 8:45am. roll 9:00am. Park adjacent to PNC Bank Hopewell. Many options to shorten after rest at 23 miles.

  • Route – Hpwl- Wawa 43.3000
  • This is an Hill Ride. Riders need to be capable & prepared for such an effort. Signup Here
  • Ride Leader – Brett W

Saturday Morning – Mountain Bike Ride – None

  • Ride Leader –

Sunday Morning – Road Ride – 9:00am (pace guidance) – Rastelli Market Fresh

Road ride will be mixed group(s) (C+-B+ range) based on who comes out and available ride leaders.

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