Team Evesham has joined with The Feed to deliver the fuel our members need to feed their rides – at a discount! With every Team Evesham membership our riders receive discounts from our sponsors who show their support and provide incentives that offset membership costs. We now expand those benefits with a special opportunity through The Feed.

How would you like $80 to spend on any nutrition brand or product that you love? That’s right, as a Team Evesham Cycling Club member, your newest perk is a $80 annual credit at The Feed.

The Feed is the largest online store for endurance athletes to get all the nutrition, performance supplements, and recovery gear you need to make your next workout even better. The Feed offers every major brand (Skratch, Maurten, Clif Bar, Hammer, and over 500 more!). The best part is that you can also buy “single servings” to mix and match flavors and try new products without buying a whole box of 12. Shipping is free on every order over $50.

It is simple to join the Team Evesham Cycling Club at The Feed and takes less than 30 seconds.=

  • Claim your $80 annual credit at this link.
  • Register your email and verify your phone number.
  • Spend your first drop of $20 right away. Additional $20 Feed credit drops will occur every 90 days.

Please take note of the following offer stipulations:

You must spend at least $35 to be able to apply the $20 credit and you must spend at least $50 to get the free shipping. Each $20 credit expires after 60 days. So if you don’t use it, you lose it.

One of our members is already filling his tank for the next ride…looks like some good stuff!

Yet another benefit to being a team member! 
Stay safe and ride on!

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