Each year in the fall, Team Evesham invites members and friends to join us as we ride and remember those who have left us too soon and the remarkable impacts they still have on Team Evesham and the local South Jersey riding community.

Ian Cameron
Ian left this world way too soon! He was a beloved member of the D&Q staff that was always eager to help anyone from novice to experienced. Ian was passionate about road cycling – and being out on the road, whether he was setting local KOM’s or introducing new riders to the rules of the road.  He had an infectious laugh, sense of humor, and generous soul. In addition to cycling, he enjoyed LEGO, dogs, good food, and Star Trek. His loss continues to be profoundly felt by those who knew and loved him, including the South Jersey cycling community.
Dave Bennis
There are those who impact us in unexpected ways. Dave was one of those people. He was Quietly Resonate. Always ready to lend a hand, offer a supportive word, or a friendly smile and as a result, he is such an embodiment of the type of person we will remember always. Dave passed suddenly 3 years ago in October. Dave was a founder of Team Evesham and a passionate cyclist serving as the team’s webmaster, ride organizer, route master, ride leader, and mentor to all. He always led his efforts with such a quiet and dedicated manner that you couldn’t help but fall in stride. He didn’t stop with Team Evesham though – He gave of his time to numerous local charity rides, in many cases, making them happen from initial vision to outcome. These including Bancroft, Move for Mental Health, countless years to the ACS ride, and others. Above all, Dave was a truly valued companion and has been, and will always be in our hearts.

Jason Kilderry
Jason was a one of a kind person. An avid endurance athlete – and – even though he may not have exceled at it himself, he did excel at the science behind it. He held several degrees in Exercise and Sports physiology and science. Jason was a numbers guy and could train you based off of the science and your strengths. Jason was a good friend to many in the local endurance sports scene and helped train many of us. He was often found at the local triathlons, D&Q and a few local bars enjoying a beer after the events! Jason was also a father who absolutely adored his family. 
Julie Galezniak
On December 4, 2021 Julie was on a mission to complete her 62 birthday miles with a group of fellow cyclists but never made it back home. Julie was struck by an reckless and careless driver in Chesterfield who tried to pass a group or riders at excessive speed, over a double yellow line, on a hill. He was met by a vehicle coming the other direction and swerved into the group, striking Julie. Julie is survived by her husband John, daughter Jenna, and son John. A few months after her death, her son John and daughter-in-law Brooke were able to announce they were expecting their first child – Julie’s first grandchild. Julie absolutely loved cycling and the cycling community. She lived every single day to its fullest. There was no adventure too big for her to want to conquer. In memory of Julie, the various South Jersey cycling clubs have worn green ribbons over the past 2 years in memory of her terrific presence and the absence we feel since that December.
Remembering Always – Team Evesham

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