Team Evesham was joined by Cynergy Cycling Club, TNT Cycling Club, and the Outdoor Club of South Jersey in the 2023 Ride of Silence ride to honor cyclists who have been injured or killed on the roads and to raise awareness of how important it is for us all to share those roads and keep each other safe.

The ride was held in Evesham Township, NJ and Team Evesham extends appreciation to those who helped make this event happen this year including Evesham Township and the Evesham Township Police Department. Team Evesham was also honored by a joint legislative resolution by Senator Stanfield and Assemblymen Umba and Torrissi. Senator Stanfield joined us and we thank her for her thoughtful words and presentation of the resolution as well as a resolution to Evesham Township.

Ride of Silence is an international organization which coordinates an annual ride to highlight that we all have a legal right (and obligation) to share the road, and when that doesn’t happen, tragedy can result. These rides take place on the same date all over the world including more than 200 events over 4 continents and in most states across the US.

Highlights of the event can be found on our Instagram page here (TE Instagram link).

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